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Date of Incorporation : 26th July, 1990
Financial Calendar : The Financial Year of the company covers 1st  July to 30th June
Authorized Capital : Rs. 5,00,00,000/-
Listing : Bombay Stock Exchange Limited,
The Ludhi`ana Stock Exchange Limited.
The Delhi Stock Exchange Association Limited

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For Investors Grievance :  
Compliance Officer : Mr. Chatar Singh
H. No. 2955/11, Fauji Mohalla, Near Bus Stand, Ludhiana-141001
Phone No : - 0161-2464380


Name of the Director

Executive Director Mr. Chatar Singh
Non Executive Independent Director Mr. Joginder Pal
Non Executive Independent Director Mr. Balbhadra Singh
Non Executive Independent Director Mr. Ram Rang Panday


Registered Office : Dhandari Khurd, Behind E-638, Phase VII, Focal Point, Ludhiana.
Tel : 0161-2675337
Fax : 0161-2675337
E-mail : thaparexport@gmail.com, thaparexport@hotmail.com
Web Site : www.thaparexports.com


To carry on the business with the object of financing industrial enterprises within the meaning of Section 370 of the Companies Act, 1956 and to undertake the business of arranging/managing and/or providing venture capital, seed capital, risk capital, promoters capital and to finance the trading, construction, real estate and other commercial or service enterprises whether a corporate or non-corporate body, individual or group, whether promoted by this company or within the same management or not by way of lending and/or advancing money, machinery, land, building, shed, office equipments, apparatus or such other things as may be required by such enterprises either with or without security and upon such terms and conditions as the Company may think fit and to give guarantee or become suretles for the performance of any agreement or contract entered into by any enterprises with any financial or investment institution, Bank and/or its subsidiary (ies), Mutual Funds or other parties for obtaining finance whether for its long term capital, working capital or for any deferred payment scheme etc. and further to lend money and negotiate loan of every description and to transact business as promoters, financiers and monetary agents in India and elsewhere provided that the Company shall not carry any banking business within the Banking Regulations Act, 1949.

To carry on the business of exports and imports of all kinds of goods and merchandise whether manufactured by the company or not and as financiers thereof.

To acquire and provide on lease or hire purchase or on deferred payment basis or on any other basis, all types of plant, equipment, machinery, vehicles and real estates and any other movable properties whether in India or abroad for industrial, commercial or other uses.

To establish and carry on the business of merchant banking and financial services including underwriting, managing Public issues of shares/debentures of limited companies financial consultancy, arrangement and procurement of loans from Banks, Financial institutions Mutual funds etc. and to promote, establish, finance or in any other manner support or encourage establishment of Industrial enterprises or companies engaged in industrial, financial and trading activities.

To carry on the business as finance and investment Company and to engage in promotion of companies by participating in or introducing venture capital and to provide finance and to make investment in any form whatsoever including financing for industrial undertakings, housing and making investment of shares stocks, securities, bonds or any other securities, and to act as technical and management consultants and helping finalization of contracts and errection and commissioning of plants and to provide all technical know-how, to arrange for licences, patents, rights or concessions from any Government or other authorities and to act as issue House, Registrars and Share Transfer Agents.

To carry on the business of buying, selling, dealing in, imports, exports and trading in all kinds of goods, merchandise, products manufactured by industrial process or agricultural products or any such products (s), bye-products, residuary products whether manufactured by the company or not including the business of distributors, selling agents, commission agents, wholesalers, retailers, dealers on behalf of any person, company, fira, Govt. Agency, Corporation Department, or Authority (ies) etc.


The Company has presence in National Market.


The Directors and the management are committed to conduct the operations of the company to achieve goals in an impartial and objective manner with ensuring that honesty, transparency, integrity, accountability and openness be ensured.

No one should offer/give or receive any pecuniary or other benefits in course of discharge of his assignments. Personal activities and transaction should never clash or cause conflict with the interest of the company and all stakeholders. Disclosures should be made about all the financial/commercial transactions where exists personal interest that may have a potential conflict with the interests of the company at large.

Regular and reliable information be timely disseminated to the stake holders. The feed back from the customers, stakeholders and all business constituents should be adhered to the greatest possible manner, thereby, maintaining and holding their loyalty, respect and association.


Company is committed to the principles of transparency, integrity and accountability in all dealings in pursuit of its organizational goals. The company believes that, in whatever it does, it must contribute to the economic and social development of the country as a whole.

All Directors shall act in the interest of the company and shall comply with all the applicable laws, rules and regulations of the relevant regulatory and other authorities as may be applicable to such Directors in their individual capacities.
All Directors shall protect the company’s assets and ensure their efficient use for the conduct of company’s business.


The company has locational advantage of industrial friendly area of Ludhiana which itself is well known. Moreover, the Company has only the Domestic Market.
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